Montag, 5. April 2010

"which is better?" - Panzergrenadier Eastern Front

This figure is in scale 1:16 from Verlinden Productions. It consists of 17 parts and is made of resin. The parts are the upper body, legs, boots, arms, hands with the guns, the holster and various equipment. I have the figure next to two others, purchased from a online shop in a discount promotion.
The resin is cast perfectly. It was completed only a few small holes. The fit is also very good, only at the transitions from body to the arms and head to the body I had to fill something. The individual details on the uniform and the equipment, and the drapery is excellent.
After the assembly, filling and sanding the figure was only once thoroughly cleaned with soap water. Before the actual painting, the figure was sprayed with a primer. I use to the black primer from Vallejo in the spray bottle. Then it came to painting. I started with the face, then the cap, and so it went further down from above. I used only colors of Vallejo Model Color. The colors I mix my own always together after the original photos of uniforms and equipment.
The base is a small wooden base by Andrea Miniatures, which I stained and varnished. Then something was plotted “Moltofill” depth filler. Small stones, Decorative sand, wood chips and even a brick wall piece made of bricks “Minimundus” dolls house building were set on the Moltofill mass. After this ground was airbrushed, some aged and dusty with pigments.
Since it was my first Figure in 1:16, I can finally realize that it takes a bit longer than on a smaller scale and work because of the many details even more precise.  call this small base, "which is better?"

Greets Olav

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Sebastian hat gesagt…

Wow, sieht ja super aus! Wie hast du den Bart so gut hinbekommen? Ich hab da bei meinen Figuren (allerdings in 1:35) ganz schöne Probleme