Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Tiger I by AVF Club - sSS PzAbt.101 - France 1944

Für mein Diorama von Miniart "French Street" habe ich das erste Fahrzeug im Rohbau fertig. Ein Tiger I von AVF-Club, mit PE von Voyager, einem Alurohr von Lionroar und Ketten von Friul. Das Zimmerit habe ich selbst aus 2 Komponenten Kfz-Spachtel hergestellt. Jetzt geht es weiter mit der Bemalung des Panzers.

For my diorama by Miniart "French Street" I have the first vehicle will be structurally complete. A Tiger I of AVF Club, with PE of Voyager, an aluminum barrel of Lionroar and tracks of Friul. The Zimmerit have made of 2 components autombile putty by myself. Now it goes to the paint.

The primer with Mr.Surfacer 1000 by Gunze.

The pre-shading with dark gray from Tamiya.

The first color RAL 7028, dark yellow by LIFECOLOR.

The second color RAL 6003 olive green by LIFECOLOR.

The third color RAL 8017, red-brown of LIFECOLOR. The camouflage pattern of 2./sSS PzAbt101 in Normandy.

I've placed two filters. First, gray for the dark yellow and brown-ocher for the camouflage pattern.

The aging of the tank turret is ready. The sequence: washing, dry brushing, chipping, fading and pigments.